We have a couple of things we are excited to announce today! 2020 is just around the corner and with it, comes some changes - including some that take effect in 2019! 


Format Change - Pioneer Players Tour Qualifier 

We are changing some of the PTQs (it’s nice to be able to use that acronym again!) formats for the last few events of the year. MagicFest Oklahoma City will now have a Pioneer PTQ every day, replacing what were previously Modern PTQs. There are also Standard PTQs on Friday and Sunday. MagicFest Portland will now have a Pioneer PTQ on Sunday meaning there is a special Draft PTQ  and a Standard PTQ on Friday, a Modern PTQ on Saturday, and Pioneer and Standard PTQs on Sunday. You can find info on all of these events and more at cfbevents.com


This change comes as part of our response to how well players have taken to Pioneer. People are excited to play the new format, and we want to give you more opportunities to do it!


You might be thinking - “I didn’t know there were 5 Players Tour Qualifiers at so many MagicFests, it’s almost like there’s a second format for the event in addition to the Grand Prix!” Well, now there is (officially)!

Players Tour Qualifier Formats

Each MagicFest outside of Japan will have 5 PTQs, and we’ve decided that we want to give players the option of having a competitive experience even if the Grand Prix isn’t the format they choose to play. So, starting in 2020, these MagicFests will have a PTQ format, in addition to its Grand Prix format, and there will be a PTQ of this format every day of the weekend. You can find the list of the first set of formats below:

As before, there will still be 5 PTQs at each MagicFest - two on Friday, one on Saturday, and two on Sunday, and three of them will be focused on the event’s PTQ format. 


The PTQ Triple-Play

We wanted to offer players a chance to register for multiple PTQs at a discount, so we have created the PTQ Triple-Play Package (There was a lot of internal debate about whether or not we should call this the “3TQ” package, so if you all think that’s a better name please let us know). 


You can pick up a PTQ Triple-Play Package for $140 and it will let you enter any three of the five PTQs across the weekend - so you can even mix and match formats if you’d like!


Then we got to thinking; what will we do if someone who gets the package wins a PTQ and still has entries left - they won’t be able to use them! So here’s the kicker: If you win a PTQ and bought the Triple-Play Package, we will refund you the entire package. You’ll have played for free, won a ton of prize tickets, and be on your way to the Players Tour! (We will turn your 3TQ into a Free-TQ!)


MagicFest 2020 Promos

Last but not least, a while ago we showed off the 2020 MagicFest Promos with the help of some of the members of Team CFB, but now we have the finished cards to show off in their frames! Find this gorgeous Path to Exile - in both foil and non-foil versions - along with these beautiful basic lands at a MagicFest in 2020! 

The Fanatic Playmat

The Fanatic Package in 2020 will come with Chris Seaman’s Path To Exile on this gorgeous playmat too!

Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday Sale here at CFB Events has started early!  Get ahead of the game by getting your Golden Tickets at a discount! Valid for Grand Prix Main Events & The Command Zone! Only $59.99 - Up to 30% Off a Grand Prix Main Event

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