In the interest of the safety of players, staff, tournament organizers, and all other attendees at live events, Wizards has announced the cancellation of all high level in-person Magic events in 2020, including MagicFests. Like you, we are heartbroken, but wanted to share some additional information that may allay some concerns.
If you purchased a MagicFest Golden Ticket (possibly during our Black Friday promotion), you've got some options. You can:

If you received a MagicFest Draft Voucher as part of a MagicFest Online registration, on June 11, you will be receiving a code for a free draft on Arena (1 per Draft Voucher in your account). We know this is not an ideal solution for everyone, and regret any disappointment for those looking forward to cracking packs at a MagicFest.
If you ordered (or are planning to order) a MagicFest in a Box or CommandFest in a Box, we are still fulfilling those orders. Our very small fulfillment team is working hard to get those out as quickly (and safely) as possible.
We all look forward to the day when we can gather to play Magic in person again. In the interim, we look forward to seeing you for CommandFest Online on June 6.