Black Friday Sale

Considering the changes in Grand Prix byes, we have decided to extend our Black Friday sale to the end of the week!


Get ahead of the game by getting your Golden Tickets at a discount! Valid for Grand Prix Main Events & The Command Zone!

Only $59.99 - Up to 30% Off a Grand Prix Main Event

Limited Time


What Is a Golden Ticket?

A Golden Ticket is a coupon added to your account that you can redeem for any Grand Prix or a three-day Command Zone Pass a MagicFest - starting in February.

You can possess as many Golden Tickets on your account as you like, and they are redeemable between February and the end of 2020.

Move fast though - this is the only time of year we directly sell Golden Tickets, and we're doing it at a huge discount!

"You fit in here - even if you think 'Maybe I don't,' you do, I promise."

- Marshall Sutcliffe, Host of Limited Resources

MagicFests are filled with players just like you - you can walk into a room full of people who share a common interest with you; they love playing the best game ever made too. 

"I love going with friends, I love the side events, I love the ambiance. There's just something really cool about it!"

- Sam Ihlenfeldt, Rookie of the Year 2018 

From the Main Event, to Commander pods to chaos drafts, there is something for everyone at a MagicFest, no matter how you like to play!