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Bringing CommandFest to You

CommandFest Online is a charity event that we are running with CFB Events on June 6th! It’ll give you a chance to play Commander from the comfort of your home with players from around the world, all in aid of the Red Cross. The event will be free, with a suggested donation and you can find more information on it here.


CommandFest Online will run all day on June 6th with casual games, silly rules, donation drives and a stream over on Twitch with special guests Jimmy Wong, Josh Lee Kwai, Gavin Verhey, Olivia Gobert-Hicks, LoadingReadyRun, PleasantKenobi, Eric Levine, Riley Knight and more!


For information on how to set up and play, as well as info about the stream, click below! 

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Games will be played in partnership with, and we’re excited for everyone to come together for a good cause and to celebrate the awesome format that is Commander. Be sure to follow ChannelFireball for more updates as the event draws closer! 


CFB Events are also launching CommandFest In A Box - your chance to get a taste of CommandFest delivered right to your door; including a gorgeous Sol Ring Promo! 

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Donations during this event will support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and and the AMerican Red Cross.  To Donate Visit Here  various incentives or just a straight donation are available