Commandfest is coming to your living room!

Hang out with hundreds of commander fans, play some games, watch others play, and support charity - all at the same time! 


CommandFest Online donations help support the American Red Cross, as well as the NAACP Legal Defence Fund! You can donate here

From the charity homepage, you can check out coverage, see donation incentives, and hang out with the rest of the commander loving community! We've noted the incentives below also!

Everything will be live and ready for you to jump into some games from 6AM Pacific time, and the stream will be kicking off at 10AM Pacific time.

No deck? No problem

With all-day coverage, you won't need a deck to feel like part of the action! You can watch some of your favorite commander personalities play matches throughout the day, hang out with the Rules Committee during a Q&A, affect the matches with donations during the Planechase Game (your dollars can support charity, and change the game plane in real time). Our schedule will update as new personalities confirm their spots. Vote with your money in polls to decide who will play which deck in some of our featured matches.


Check out the schedule for the stream

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HOw to get set up
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How do i get a game going?

Join us on June 6th in the ChannelFireball discord from 6am Pacific Time, we'll be in the #commandfest-online channel. The Commander-bot is there to help you through everything. 


  • First, ,make sure you're all set up to record your board of physical cards. There's plenty of ways to do this with either a webcam or a phone camera. can help make sure your setup works. 

  • Games are scaled in difficulty, from 1-10. Below is a handy graphic to assess the power level of your deck. Once you have the power level locked down, just type !play #, where # is the difficulty of the game you'd like to play. The bot will do the rest and find players of a similar difficulty for you to play with. 

    • Looking to queue with friends? Just @ them at the end of the bot command!

  • Once we have four people, you'll get a direct message from the bot with a game. Just join that game and have fun!

Deck difficulty ratings

Commander Bot Sign up details

How to queue up: 

  • !play <difficulty rating> [@players you want to queue with]

For example: If I wanted to play tier 6 decks with my friend Matt#1234, I would enter the following into the bot channel:

Discord may change the name of the user to their nickname, but that's ok

Once this is submitted, the bot will DM you when your match is ready. 

How to submit points to the bot:

  • !result <gameid>  @player1 <earned points>   @player2 <earned points>  @player3 <earned points>  @player4 <earned points> 

Points and how to score them are explained further down this page, here's a shortcut!

Your Game ID will be given to you by the bot when your table is paired.  If you need a reminder, it will also be the end of your URL.

For example: (Note - your Game ID is unique, the one in the image is just for illustration purposes)


Just like queuing up, if Discord switches this to the nickname of the user, that’s ok.

Once submitted, the bot will record the Points listed after each player’s name to the respective player.


Other awesome things to do!

That's not all! We have some other fun stuff lined up for CommandFest online! 

First of all, we have 5 teams you'll be able to join, flavored around the Triomes of Ikoria! You can join your favorite Triome along with some of your favorite Magic personalities and make sure your team comes out on top!

Bring us your deck techs!

Get your deck featured!

Commander is one of the most expressive formats in Magic, and we want to give you the chance to show the world what you've made. We invite you to make a quick, 2-minute deck tech on your Commander deck for a chance to be featured on CFB Events Twitter! See below for some examples of what other people have done. Make sure to include #commandfest in your tweet so we can find and feature you!

Scoring points in games


Players earn Points based on the result of their commander game that contribute to the teams overall total. How points are distributed depends on the Power Level of the Table. 


All games will have up to 10 points to be earned.


Power Level 1-6:

  • 1 Point for playing

  • 1 Point for every player eliminated

  • 1 Point for being the last player standing (LPS for short) 

  • If a Game ends in a Draw, no points are awarded for the players last eliminated, and nobody gets the point for being the LPS.


When the bot sends you info about your Match, it will also send you the Challenges that are active for your game. The first player to complete a challenge in the game gets the Point for that challenge.  Up to 5 challenges will be active in a game, and those challenges will rotate periodically.


Examples of Challenges you might encounter:

  • Control 10 or more Creature Tokens

  • Attack with more than 20 damage worth of creatures

  • Cause another player to Gain Life / Draw Cards

  • Destroy a Creature attacking a player other than yourself

  • Cast your General from the Command Zone with 3 or more Age Counters

  • Deal Damage to an Opponent (first hit earns the point)

  • Eliminate a player during someone else’s turn

  • Have a Basic Land in play that produces each color in your Generals Color Identity

  • Challenges are only for games level 1-6

    • There are no challenges for games level 7-10​, but these games award double the normal points

Power Level 7-10: 

  • 2 Points for playing

  • 2 Points for every player eliminated

  • 2 Points for being the last player standing

  • If a Game ends in a Draw, no points are awarded for the players last eliminated, and nobody gets the point for being the LPS.

There are no other Challenges for 7-10 Games.


All games will have up to 10 points up for grabs.

For a reminder on how to report points, see above or click here!

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