An Update on MagicFest Turin:


The safety of MagicFest attendees is of the utmost importance to us and we have been monitoring the situation in Italy closely. Out of an abundance of caution, we are cancelling MagicFest Turin.


We regret any disappointment this may cause, and are actively exploring different dates and cities in Europe for rescheduling this event.  If you have already registered for events or packages at MagicFest Turin those purchases will be automatically refunded


PLayers Tour Last Chance Qualifiers

Thursday Qualifiers for the Players Tour happening at this MagicFest.

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Noon Preregistration
Onsite On-Demand Info

Grand Prix

Take your game to the next level by competing in a multi-day tournament for huge cash prizes!

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Grand Prix

Grand Prix are two-day tournaments with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, and invites to the

Players Tour!

After day 1, players with 18 match points (6-2) or better progress to day 2. 

All participants in a Grand Prix receive:

  • MagicFest promo Path to Exile

  • ChannelFireball Deck Box

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PTQ Triple Play

With 5 PTQs and daily PTQs in the same format, you won't want to miss this!

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Player's Tour Qualifiers are another way to earn your spot in the Player's Tour! With five of these happening over the weekend, you'll have plenty of chances to prove you can play with the best of the best! 
Starting in 2020, three of the five PTQs will share a format, and there's a special PTQ triple play package with entry into three PTQs over the weekend. But that's not all! If you purchase the package and WIN a PTQ, we'll refund you the full price! Find out more in the link below! 

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Constructed Events package

Modern, Standard, Legacy - however you want to play, we have the package for you!

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The constructed fanatic package includes:

  • 3 Double Up Event Vouchers

  • 3 Regular Event Vouchers

  • Exclusive 2020 MagicFest Path to Exile Playmat

  • Exclusive 202 MagicFest Foil Path to Exile Promo

  • Deck Box

  • Set of 5 2020 MagicFest Foil Basic Land Promos

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Limited Events package

Not bringing a deck? Play Sealed all weekend with our Limited Fanatic Package!

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The limited fanatic package includes:

  • 2 Double Up Event Vouchers

  • 3 Regular/Sealed League* Vouchers

  • Exclusive 2020 MagicFest Path to Exile Fanatic Playmat

  • Exclusive 2020 MagicFest Foil Path to Exile Promo

  • Deck Box

  • Set of 5 2020 MagicFest Foil Basic Land Promos

*Sealed League starting in May

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Command zone

MF1934_Command Zone Logo DUAL-v1.png

Get access to the Command Zone for all the Commander you can handle!

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Access to the Command Zone includes:

  • 3 Days access to the Command Zone

  • 3 On-Demand Commander Event Vouchers

  • FOIL Sol Ring Promo!

  • Deck box

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Reno Command Zone Guide (1).png

Weekend Schedule

See what events are on

throughout the weekend!

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Get the exclusive event playmat!

Please note, the event playmat is also available as an addon to any of the packages/events noted above



Special Guests


Prize Wall

Our prize wall is where you can spend your tix from events over the weekend! You can always get the most recent standard booster packs for 20 tix each, and we have singles, t-shirts, accessories and more for you to choose from also!
See the events schedule to plan out where you'll win your tix!

Hall Hours

Event has been Canceled


MagicFest Hotel Block

Frequently Asked QUestions

  • Registration for the Grand Prix closes at 9pm on the Friday before the Grand Prix


  • On site registration for the Grand Prix is available from 11am-9pm on the day before the Grand Prix

  • Make sure you have read the Grand Prix Fact Sheet before the event

  • On site registration for most other events opens one hour before that event is due to start, and closes 10 mins before it is due to start

  • We have more comprehensive FAQ articles available at our customer service portal

  • Still have questions? Feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can