Start your journey by finding a MagicFest near you and joining thousands of players who you share a passion with. 

"You fit in here - even if you think 'Maybe I don't,' you do, I promise."

- Marshall Sutcliffe, Host of Limited Resources

MagicFest's are filled with players just like you - you can walk into a room full of people who share a common interest with you; they love playing the best game ever made too. 

"It makes you a better player. I treat these as a mental exercise"

- Jason "Amaz" Chan, Streamer

Flex your mental muscles by outwitting and outclassing your opponents - play with some of the best players in the world at a MagicFest.

"I love going with friends, I love the side events, I love the ambiance. There's just something really cool about it!"

- Sam Ihlenfeldt, Rookie of the Year 2018 

From the Main Event, to Commander pods to chaos drafts, there is something for everyone at a MagicFest, no matter how you like to play!