MagicFest on your Kitchen Table

This morning we kicked off MagicFest Online, the first of our efforts to bring the MagicFest experience to player’s homes around the world. Since the cancellation of MagicFest Detroit, players have asked us how they can get their hands on the MagicFest playmats, Path to Exile promos and Sol Ring promos. Now we have a way to get you your swag - MagicFest In A Box!


MagicFest In A Box is your way to get a bit of that unique MagicFest feel right on your kitchen table. 

magicfestinabox-fullad (1).jpg

This is also a chance for you to get your hands on our extensive inventory of MagicFest and Grand Prix playmats. Finding your favorite card art on a playmat at the prize wall was many player’s favorite part of a MagicFest, and now we can ship them right to your door. If you want a surprise you can get a random playmat, or if you prefer to shop around for your personal favorite you can choose one from the collection and we will ship you that specific one.


MagicFest In A Box packages also include a part of the MagicFest experience we really wanted to find a way to bring to you - the artists. Each box with artist items will contain things such as tokens, prints or exclusive items - from some of your favorite MagicFest artists. Helping artists out who have lost opportunities due to event cancellations was a huge part of our goal in these programs, so we are very excited to help bring their awesome art to you, even if you can’t go to them.


Our current plan is to begin shipping April 15th. Currently, MagicFest In A Box is only available in the United States, but we are working to bring it to other regions in the future. 

magicfestinabox-commander-individual (1)
magicfestinabox-select-individual (1).jp
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