MagicFest Online Season 2

We’re delighted with the response to MagicFest Online so far! We’ve been listening to your feedback and are excited to announce MagicFest Online Season 2 - with some changes!


First, we are eliminating some of the feel bads just missing your shot at the Weekly Championship by implementing a Points Based Qualification. In Season 2, if you win 10 Daily Qualifier matches over the course of the week, you qualify for that week’s Weekly Championship! This is in addition to qualifying if you get 5 wins in any individual Daily Qualifier. You can see your progress for the week by clicking here.


Second, we are giving you more chances to play. We are adding a 6PM Qualifier each day and removing the qualifiers that run at the start of the Weekly Championship on the weekends (3AM and 9AM). The schedule for Season 2 looks this this:

image (18).png
Last Chance Finals Qualifers run from May 4th thru May 8
with the 50k Season Finals on May 9-10


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We still have 24/7 Live Coverage of the tournament over on Twitch, so be sure to check that out!