Bringing MagicFest to You

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first week of MagicFest Online - we’re in uncharted territory here with an online tournament series and 24/7 coverage, but the reception has been truly amazing. We’re so happy to be able to connect players from around the world through their love of Magic. 

We are also excited to announce our coverage team for the Weekly Championship - head on over to Twitch to watch Marshall Sutcliffe, Riley Knight, Eduardo Sajgalik,  Amazonian and Ben Stark commentate as players battle it out for $25,000 in cash prizes and invites to the Players Tour and Season Final!


image (17).png

Remember that Daily Qualifiers continue to run throughout the weekend - so if watching the Weekly Championship ignites your competitive spark, you can boot up Arena right now and qualify for next week!

As we mentioned last week, the structure of MagicFest Online will change and grow, and we’re announcing the first of these changes: starting next week there will no longer be a 9PM Friday Qualifier - the end of this qualifier is just too close to the start of the Weekly Championship.

Since our MagicFest Online announcement, many of you have asked what will be happening the week prior to the Season Final - with no Weekly Championship that weekend, what will the daily events be? The week leading up to the Season Finals will have four daily Last Chance Qualifiers for the Season Finals! That’s right, starting on April 4th and running through April 10th we will be running Last Chance Qualifiers for the Season Final four times a day (3AM, 9AM, 3PM and 9PM Pacific Time) - again with no Qualifier on Friday at 9PM. The LCQs will be 5 rounds of standard with 5-0 players earning a seat at the Season Final - an exclusive tournament with $50,000 in prize money on the line. 

We hope everyone continues to enjoy MagicFest Online, and as always we are eager to work with the community to shape this into an awesome experience for Magic players around the world.