ChannelFireball is the premier source for Magic strategy and products on the internet. With some of the greatest players and content creators in the game providing articles, videos and podcasts on all things Magic.

ChannelFireball offers competitive prices for both selling and buying Magic singles, as well as a wide array of accessories, sealed product and more. 


Ultra PRO provide some of the finest Magic accessories on the market and produce all of the MagicFest exclusive playmats - including the new Path to Exile Fanatic Playmat - you all know and love. Check out their website for their full range, including their wildly popular Eclipse sleeves. 

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Legion Supplies have been instrumental in creating some of the most memorable offerings at MagicFests in the past few years - including the exclusive foil Black Lotus mat to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game.

We also partnered with them to create the MTG Pro Shop - the booth that lets you buy all your favorite merchandise at our events. Check their website out for tons of awesome accessories - including some very fun pop culture references.

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