Players from all around the world flock to gather and play for a weekend of fun, friends and experiences. Connect with them.

"There really is something uniquely creative about Magic."

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emmy Winning actor



Magic: The Gathering is the original trading card game, and today boasts well over 20 million players worldwide, with huge followings in the United States, Japan and Europe.



A MagicFest Weekend attracts thousands of players from all walks of life but one thing ties them all together - a passion and investment in gaming and popular culture. 

"My favorite thing about the event is all the foil cards I can pick up. I know that if I'm looking for something, I'll find it here."

- Cassius Marsh, Defensive End for the San Francisco 49'ers 

The Original E-Sport

From ESPN features over twenty years ago to the multiple Pro Tours streamed live every year - Magic has a rich history as a mainstay in competitive gaming and is bigger today than ever before. With a $10 Million investment by the parent company into E-Sports in 2019, this is the best time to get into Magic.

The Collectors

Magic is at it's core a collectible card game, and players come to our events with that mentality in mind and in a purchase-ready state. With desirable cards worth thousands and thousands of dollars on the market, many Magic players are highly invested in their interests and hobbies. 



Our audience are avid gamers, mostly male and aged 25 - 35. They could be perfect for your brand and just the people you want to reach.


Our events gain huge traction on social media with attendees  posting videos and images constantly through the weekend. Your brand could be front and center.


Magic players are invested and strong consumers and collectors. They come to our events with purchasing on their minds already - your brand could be in front of a lot of eager eyes.

Connect With Thousands of Gamers